Fitness Training Programs

Reach Your Health & Fitness Goals


Are you struggling with motivation to follow through or to remain consistent with working towards your health & fitness goals?

We provide you with structured guidance, accountability and support through an online platform to help you stay on the path to reach them.

Web App

Receive guidance from qualified health and fitness professionals

Remove the hurdle of having to research workouts or information on your own and instead receive structured guidance from great qualified health and fitness professionals that have the  appropriate knowledge and skills to help you.

Join an online community for accountability

Get some motivation to keep active and moving by joining an online community that you relate to, can work out with, encourage and keep one another accountable to keep going.

Connect with others

Connect with others at a similar life stage as yourself and receive support that is relevant to you and your context.

Work out anywhere

You can work out anywhere and still feel connected. No equipment needed and no need to spend time on travel.


We work with and are on the lookout for select top trainers that are great at what they do! If you are a certified personal trainer that’s a fit and you would like another way to guide new clients to move towards their fitness goals, then it would be great to have you apply to join!


Apply, wait for our review and we'll reach out to you with the next steps if it's a good fit.


Set up your profile that will be shared with and visible to our community.


Guide customers and members online by leading workouts, training individuals and providing relevant fitness professional support needed.


Earn income, receive exposure and connect with a vibrant community.

No need to pay any fixed costs or gym rental fees to train customers. ✘

Earn when you have downtime between your in-person or other regular clients. ✔︎ 

Let people get to know you and work with a vibrant community ✔︎ 

Ready to get going?

Check out this link for more details of the options available. We’re looking forward to helping you through your journey!