Fitness Training Programs

Reach Your Fitness Goals


Have you been struggling to follow through with working towards your fitness goals? We are an online platform that provides you with custom guidance and accountability to help you stay on the path to reach them.

Online Fitness Trainer

Receive guidance from qualified fitness professionals

Remove the hurdle of having to research workouts or information on your own and instead receive guidance from qualified fitness professionals that have the  appropriate knowledge and skills to help you.

Join an online community for accountability

Get some motivation to keep active and moving by joining an online community of others at a similar life stage as yourself, work out together and keep each other accountable to keep going.

Direct accountability

Book time to work with a qualified personal trainer that can work with you on a one-on-one basis to guide you and keep you accountable to work towards your fitness goal.

Track your fitness progress

Track your physical activity, fitness progress and other key indicators for your fitness goals.


If you are a qualified personal trainer and you’d like another way to guide and help new clients to move towards their fitness goals, then it would be great to have you sign-up to join! 


Register, wait for approval and then use the link provided to set up your profile.


Set up your profile, booking availability and access your dashboard to manage your orders and track sales.


Use the resources on the platform to meet briefly online with customers who have ordered, design their plans and deliver. Check-in with them 2 weeks in to make any necessary adjustments.


Earn income for every plan that you design and deliver. Earnings on your dashboard are deposited directly into your bank account

No need to pay any fixed costs or gym rental fees to train customers. ✘

Earn when you have downtime between your in-person clients. ✔︎ 

We only charge a commission on sales made to manage the platform and further support customers. ✔︎ 


Check out this link for more detail on the plan options available. We’re looking forward to helping you through your journey!