Custom Plus Plan: Direct Accountability Add-On


This option provides you with access to the following features:

  1. Direct accountability and encouragement from Viken for a month which includes:
    • Text message reminders to encourage you prior to your scheduled workouts.
    • You can upload an image or photo showing that you worked out.
    • Text message to be sent to you on the same day to follow-up on any pending photo or we will let you know once we’ve seen your photo.


Direct Accountability from Viken

  1. Complete and submit the scheduling form with your planned workouts so we know when to text message you prior to your workout.
  2. After your workout on the planned day, upload and post any photo showing that you worked out in the Friend Support tab of your My Account menu.
  3. We’ll confirm that we’ve seen the post or we will send a follow-up text message if a photo is still pending.
  4. You can work out using the Standard Plan provided or any other plan that you wish to follow. Just send through the days you plan to work out in the form above and we’ll work to continue to encourage you to remain consistent.
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